The LDS Trivia app helps teachers and students learn together while playing a fun and challenging game.
The Experience Strategy
For the LDS Parent or teacher, who is seeking an engaging way to learn or teach gospel facts, Our product is a trivia game that provides a fun way to learn and challenge knowledge. Unlike kids games of similar genre, LDS Trivia app can be fun for various age groups. We have assembled a team of scholars, game enthusiasts and developers to bring you this amazing game.
This prototype was built in conjunction with the Udacity Product Design course I took online and completed in May 2017. 
I began with identifying a problem a seeking a solution in the form of a game. I researched the competition, including researching downloads, comments and a SWOT analysis of the highest rated app currently in the market. After some refining the idea I conducted a survey of target market and found enough validation in the idea to take it into a prototype phase. From there I have continued to seek feedback and refine the concept including a design sprint to gather other ideas.
Tools Used
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